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Hira Saeed


My name is Hira Saeed

I run Digital Doers, a content partner and consulting agency. I specialize in helping businesses reach their potential customers through simple, clear, witty, and conversational copy. I love cats and care about diversity and inclusion in this world. Welcome to my space, if you like, get in touch with me, and together we will craft some kickass words that drive action.


My Services

My skills cover a wide range of services that include copywriting, online marketing, and community building. Pick and choose what you need and let’s work together.


You do business with humans and this is why you need behavioral concepts in your words to sell something to them. Dull tone on a website? Bad conversion on the landing page? CTAs that don’t work? Ugh. I get it. From life-behind-work stories and jargon-filled technical tutorials to crazy animated video scripts and long-form blog posts, if it has words, I have done it. And hey, SEO and I are friends too, so we work together pretty well!

Social Media

I love thinking — about ideas, about concepts, and if nothing, just about this world. My favorite social media recipe is to engage the target audience by speaking in their own language. Gone are the days when Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram had only one content calendar. For each platform, I create a customized content calendar that talks to your target audience instead of talking at them.

Email Marketing

An unopened email dies multiple deaths. So, what makes someone open an email? One word: Content. A straightforward, simple, and fun content with a creative subject line. If you are struggling to maintain that open-rate on your newsletter and want to engage your audience desperately, Calm down, I can help.


This one’s different yet so important. Doing business is already a tough task and feeling overwhelmed is okay. Sometimes, you just need an opinion rather than an execution. With my 60-mins consulting calls, I get to know you, your business, and the issue you are facing. You can be a newbie copywriter or a company, we will devise a plan, build a strategy, or maybe just go through your existing copy together.

Ready to take the first step?

My Blogs

Sometimes I write for myself as well. Here’s where you can find some of my work.


My Clients

Those NDAs take away some of the highlighted logos but that’s okay. Here are some of the clients I have worked with.


Other Things I do

My skills cover a wide range of services that include copywriting, online marketing, and community building. Pick and choose what you need and let’s work together.

Tech Geeks

Tech Geeks is a community of tech enthusiasts who share their love and passion for technology at one place. Join the community here.


CaterpillHERs is a social enterprise that provides women-led businesses access to early-stage business curriculum and mentorship. Visit the website here.


I often get on the other side of the stage and speak about content, social media and power of communities. Book me for a session here.




Contact Me

221/B Baker Street, London – Just Kidding. You are welcome to contact me anytime by filling this small form. Easy peasy!


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