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Hira Saeed

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Hi, My name is Hira Saeed

Welcome to my little space on the web! I have spent more than eight years writing words on the web, but damn! I still love it. I am a former tech journalist and now spend most of my time giving voice to small businesses through my copywriting skills and help women entrepreneurs scale their businesses through my other business called, CaterpillHERs. Don’t ask me which hat I like better ๐Ÿ˜‰


My Services

It took me 25 years to figure out my passion for copywriting and all things content. Here’s what I offer to my clients.

Web Copywriting

You do business with humans and this is why you need behavioral concepts in your words to sell something to them. Dull tone on a website? I get it. Bad conversion on the landing page? Let’s see your numbers. CTAs donโ€™t work? Ugh. Let’s fix them. From life-behind-work stories and technical tutorials to animated video scripts and long-form blog posts, if it has words, I have done it. And hey, SEO and I are friends too, so we work together pretty well!

Content Strategy

I love thinking — about ideas, about concepts, and if nothing, just about this world. My favorite social media recipe is to engage the target audience by speaking in their own language. Gone are the days when Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram had only one content calendar. Now, the algorithm speaks for itself. For each platform, I create a customized content calendar that talks to your target audience instead of talking at them.

Email Copywriting

An unopened email dies multiple deaths. So, what makes someone open an email? Two words: Copy and Subject line. If you are struggling to maintain open-rate on your emails and want to engage your audience, Calm down, I can help. Emails are the most fun yet the trickiest variant of copywriting. The good news is I LOVE them. I create email funnels and copy for influencers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to help them convert their followers into paid customers.

1:1 Coaching and Consulting

Being a freelancer or running a business is overwhelming. Sometimes, you just need an opinion rather than a whole execution plan. With my 60-mins 1:1 coaching calls and consulting assignments, I get to know you, your business, and the issue you are facing and we work towards finding a direction to untie the knot. You can be a newbie copywriter or an entrepreneur, we will work together to understand your needs, or go through your existing copy together.

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My Blogs

Sometimes I write for myself as well. Hereโ€™s where you can find some of my work.

Stories by Hira Saeed on Medium Stories by Hira Saeed on Medium


My Clients

NDAs take away some of the highlighted clients I have worked with but here are some of the equally amazing ones:


Other Things I do

Being an ENTP, I am a forever explorer who likes to do multiple things and run multifarious experiments to stay sane. Here are my other ventures and activities that keep me busy.


CaterpillHERs is an online accelerator for women-led startups that helps build their business acumen through the curriculum, coaching, 1:1 mentorship, and support network. Visit the website here.

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Tech Geeks Community

Tech Geeks is Pakistan’s leading tech community where more than 12k tech geeks share ideas, seek support, discuss ecosystem challenges, build their geek network, and form exciting collaborations.

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I recently started my YouTube journey to create videos about content, social media, freelance, and online business. I still struggle with consistency so hold me accountable by commenting there, maybe?

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221/B Baker Street, London – Just Kidding. You are welcome to contact me anytime by filling this small form. Easy peasy!